How smart are you in Physics and chem

Science is all around us.Some people are too busy to notice it but people nowadays underestimate the sciences. This quiz will determine your knowledge on physics and chemistry

are YOU one of the many few people who are a genius do you have sufficient knowledge that people work hard for well you are about to find out in this quiz only a few questions

Created by: Miguel obispo
  1. What is Kinematics?
  2. What is a redoxified reaction?
  3. What is the value of Planck's constant ?
  4. Who is the father of chemistry?
  5. what gas law says that if you maintain the pressure at constant temp is equal to volume?
  6. calculate the height of a building if it takes 2 seconds for something to fall down to the ground
  7. what is the 2nd law of thermodynamics?
  8. what is the ph level of an acid such as citrus juice
  9. what is centripetal force for an object moving at a tangential velocity of 1 m/s at a mass of 60 kg and the diameter is 12
  10. What is the velocity of a wave that has a frequency of 12 hz and a wavelength of 2 m
  11. and lastly, what is the weight and kinetic energy of an object falling with final velocity of 25 m/s the mass is 50 kg?

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Quiz topic: How smart am I in Physics and chem