How smart are you in math

Everyone is smart and they must take this quiz to see how smart you are and there is some geniuses out there so if you take the quiz you might become a genius to

Do you think you got what it takes to be a genius well in a few minutes you will be able to become one and if you don't you are still a genius to me and i know that there is people who may not be good in math i know it is not there thing if you know what i am saying

Created by: Aden Mcardle of Smart math quiz
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  1. If x is -1 then what would be -x+1í—3-3í—10í·7
  2. 9-3+10í—2í·3
  3. 9-2-[-4+8]
  4. what is the square root of 200
  5. sam is 8 and greg is 10í—less than kaemons age if kaemon is 4 what is gregs age.
  6. What is 10>3í—1
  7. if chuck was 3 and anthony was 12 what will be the square root of there ages
  8. Aden is 13 and paige is 12 and connor was 3x less than paige what is connors age
  9. I am tired and its 8 at night and i want good sleep how many hours do i need to sleep if im going to get up at 7 in the morning
  10. do you exist or are you a robot

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Quiz topic: How smart am I in math