How Smart are You?

Hello future moron! (Just kidding) Welcome to my Quiz! The tittle says your suposed to be smart, but in a quiz like thhis, that takes alot. You need School Smarts. Info on Phineas & Ferb and Today's Modern Word! But most importantly, you will need luck.

You didn't here it from me, but this quiz might be a little "rigged". But don't worry about that. Have fun, and come back out with your Head held High. Average Human Intelligence on this quiz is 0-16%! If you get low, it's alright! You're not dumb! Just give it all you got!

Created by: FlameKing6789
  1. Who was the 1st President of the United States
  2. What is the Decloration of Independence?
  3. What's the Best Color of them All?
  4. What's 1 + 1?
  5. Do you Like Justin Beiber?
  6. What is a Terrorist?
  7. Who is Your Mom?
  8. The Best Day in your Life?
  9. What do you Need to Break Into the Bank?
  10. What is Ducky Momo?
  11. What's the Rain Cycle?
  12. Which is Better?
  13. What's the Best Way to Defeat your Enemy?
  14. Which Olympics is in 2016?
  15. Where's the Best Place to Party for an 18-Year Old?
  16. Are you Better than Everyone Else?
  17. What's the Best Animal to take with you on a Hunt?
  18. Where are the Wild Things?
  19. Which Season is the Best?
  20. What's Rule #1 of Driving on the Road?
  21. 1x17 + 33 - (-83) __________________ 63 - 29= 27 + (-57)
  22. Which is Better?
  23. Pick the Right One!
  24. What Score do you Hope For on this Test?
  25. Are you Glad this is Over?
  26. Hah! I tricked you all! It's not done yet!
  27. The Best Pokémon?
  28. How Old are You?
  29. How Much do you Weigh?
  30. Where are the Olympics being held in 2016?
  31. Are you glad the Quiz is Finally Over?
  32. It's Done! Hope you Enjoyed!

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Quiz topic: How Smart am I?