Which Lego Extended Universe Character Are You?

Find out which character from my Lego Extended Universe you are. FYI, one of these is my own original creation. I hope that, whichever of these 3 characters you get, you strive to be like them, as they're all admirable.

This quiz will introduce you to 3 major characters from the Lego Extended Universe, though I'm saving others like Rodney Rathbone, Frank Rock, and Seymour Sprague for other quizzes in the (hopefully) near future.

Created by: JimmyScrambles111

  1. Where would you rather be to do your professional work/job?
  2. Who would you rather hang out with in your downtime?
  3. Which villain(s) would you have the most difficult time against?
  4. Which concert would you rather go to?
  5. What do you wanna do for your night off?
  6. Who should direct a movie about your life, if ever made?
  7. Choose a Lego theme to participate as a character in.
  8. Pick a weapon to have at your side during battle against a foe
  9. Choose a location to do battle against your #1 enemy in.
  10. Choose a profession.

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Quiz topic: Which Lego Extended Universe Character am I?