Random Quiz (Fun)

You are a genius. Everybody has some genius in them. So don't feel bad about yourself. You guys are smart. Don't worry we all have a little smart to us too. Have A good day.

Are you smart. Yes we all have smart is us. Everyone has different amount of smart in us. But everyone has smarts. Don't worry we are all smart. Have a good day.

Created by: tiger55

  1. What is your age
  2. What animal has 4 legs, wiskers, and is cute, and has a c in its name.
  3. What is your favorite pet.
  4. What is your favorite color.
  5. What is your favorite song artist.
  6. Which artist sing the song "Style"
  7. Which is your favorite song.
  8. What are you friends like.
  9. What is my age.(Creator)
  10. What is you favorite video game.
  11. Did You Like This Random Quiz

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