Are you really smart

There are several really smart people throughout the world are you one of them find out and take my super duper awesome and challenging quiz !! Good luck

Prepare to take my challenge! Are you really smart? It's difficult! I'm just warning you! Are you sure you are ready? You may begin this special quiz in 54321 go

Created by: JJ

  1. Okay, Jill's mom had three kids. the first one was named April, the second was may what was the third one named
  2. 166009840+334690-87=
  3. How many rows of whiskers do cats have
  4. True or false, every 17 seconds someone is diagnosed with diabetes
  5. What's the correct spelling of the word
  6. Which of the following is not a color
  7. Which of the following is an odd number
  8. 2234567.34+22.45-8=
  9. Did u use a calculator?
  10. Did u like my quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I really smart