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  • Okay, this really isn't... Hm, how should I put this... This isn't worth wasting three seconds on. Just because someone doesn't want to be something like a teacher or lawyer or something up there, doesn't make them any less smart. And, I knew 6 x 7 when I was in fourth grade, how does that make anyone smart? And, people might not speak any French, but that does not mean they aren't smart. They probably just aren't into what you're into. And then the last few questions were just filler questions. Point is, this quiz sucked.

  • To be quite honest This quiz isn't necessarily a well written quiz. It's not thought Out correctly and it's based on sole opinion and outlook. Not very good

  • I cant believe you said Insect time, what has 8 legs.. ARACHNIDS, NOT INSECTS!


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