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  • I got not shy I am like 5% shy in front of people but I am not afraid to say the following things RAINBOW UNICORNS POOP CHOCOLATE PEE LEMONADE FART SPARKLES BURP RAINBOWS AND VOMIT FROSTING. Also a panguin is a mixture of a penguin and a panda.@ megan and meghan I think we can be friends if you do not have a problem with me shouting PINK POPCORN at simotaniously at the oddest times

  • I got super shy. Which is true according to most people I know even though I'm sure I got this result because I kept saying idk on the questions.

  • I'm not shy at all! I love peanut butter and chocolate milk and unicorns and EVERYTHING! *gives psychotic smile* No, I'm not crazy at all... O_o

    TNMEBDMS girl
  • I got super shy. I am shy with people I don't really know but once they get to know me I am actually really loud:D

  • Whoa!! I got not shy at all. Which is true!! I always scream random things at people walking down my street.


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