How Sexy Are You?

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Have you been wondering how sexy you are? Being sexy means that you have a good looking appearance and extremely high confidence! Take this quiz to find out how sexy you are!

Not too many people are considered sexy, but you might be one of the rare ones that are! Are you a sexy? Well, you're about to find out after taking this quiz!

Created by: marissajsparkle

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  1. Which of the following categories displays your current hair color?
  2. Do you find it more important to have a good looking physical appearance, or to have a nice personality?
  3. Which of the following makeup brands do you use most often?
  4. When you're in school, what type of attention do the guys give you?
  5. Which of the following categories displays your style?
  6. Do you have any flaws, if so how many?
  7. Which of the following categories displays your eye color?
  8. How many people told you that you are pretty?
  9. How many people told you that you are ugly?
  10. Which of the following stores do you shop at for clothes most often?
  11. What shape are your eyes?
  12. When you are talking to someone, how do you normally stand?
  13. What is your face shape?
  14. What type of body do you have?
  15. What is your skin color?
  16. Do you normally show off?
  17. How satisfied are you with your appearance?
  18. What is the length of your hair?
  19. What is the shape of your nose?
  20. What shape are your lips?
  21. What type of attitude do you normally have around other people?
  22. If you were at a party, which of the following things would you be doing?
  23. Fill in the blank, "I am the type of person who________________."
  24. Choose a sentence that best describes you.
  25. Do you prefer to buy things expensively?
  26. When you're in the cafeteria, which of the following things are you most likely to be doing?
  27. How mean are you?
  28. What type of attitude do you usually have towards others?
  29. Which of the following features do you hate the most?
  30. How sexy do you act in front of other people?

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