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  • You Are 12% Sexy! 12%

    You are Not Sexy at all! You are the complete opposite of sexy! Your appearance is extremely unattractive and your personality is very unappealing! You need to work on your appearance very hard, because you are considered a loner.

    I'm feeling the love, yup feeling loved. :(

  • I got 28% but I'm perfectly ok with it! Infact I'm proud! Because I have true beauty. When you're sexy people lust for you, when they lust hearts break after they get what they wanted. But the description was mean.

    Say wha
  • I got 9 last time i took but since i started wearing lipstick and sexy clothes i got 90!

  • This is the worse quiz i have taken in my life. I hope you step on a plug.

  • I am 11% "sexy".


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