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This is a Melodramatic Love Story. Where by the twist of destiny, Two foster sisters who are different in every way falls in love with the same guy and become love rivals. Eventually they fight like cats and dogs. Followed by more drama, revenge in unexpected ways, heartbreaks, betrayals, secrets etc.,

Ashley Hayden [YOU]: Petite, Jet black Long Poker straight hair with blunt bangs, Brown eyes. Sydney Hayden: Tall, Light blonde Long wavy hair with lots of loose waves giving plenty of volume, Blue eyes. Keith: Tall, Dark Chestnut-brown medium-length shaggy hair, uncleanly parted from the middle with long bangs falling all over his forehead and ears, Brown eyes. Brad: Tall, Dirty blonde Medium straight shaggy hair, Grey eyes.

Created by: Orange Fusion

  1. Hello CANDIES! Finally after dragging for months Part 3 is out. I hope you like it. I want you to pick up from where we left off.
  2. [The day after] You wokeup at the sound of alarm clock ringing. You switched off the alarm and went through your morning routine. You choose to wear a dark blue skinny jeans, red sleeveless halter top and a black jacket paired with black pumps. Quickly you done your hair into a simple ponytail, got your backpack and headed towards the living room. 'Hi mom!' you greeted your mom. You finished your breakfast and ready to leave for school. 'Mom, where is Sydney?' you asked your mom. 'She's in her room. She's a wreck after her breakup' your mom told you in a worried tone. 'Breakup?' you wondered. 'mm... Keith brokeup with her' your mom replied. 'When?' you questioned. 'Yesterday. He din't even gave her the reason for breakingup so suddenly' your mom said frustrated. 'What? You think Keith dumped Syd without a proper reason?' you asked your mom. 'Yes. I thought he was a nice kid but i guess he's not' your mom fumed. 'Mom.... Don't say that. You know him' you defended Keith. 'Yeah i know him. That's why i'm so disappointed in him' she replied. 'How can you totally blame him mom? Maybe its Sydney's fault' you said. 'I don't know. Even if it is her fault, can't he forgive her?' your mom asked you. 'Whatever mom. Just don't blame Keith without knowing anything for sure. Now i'll go and talk to Sydney' you said and without waiting for your mom's reply you headed towards Sydney's room.
  3. ''KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK'' you knocked thrice on Sydney's baby pink door and went into her room. She was busy doing something with her mobile. 'Keith dumped you? That's what you've been telling everyone?' you asked her angrily, Literally shouting. She jumped out of her bed in shock. 'Ash wait. I can explain that' she said. 'Explain' you ordered her. 'Keith called me yesterday. He said that he have no interest in being my boyfriend anymore. And that its over between us' she explained. 'So?' you wanted more. 'So? So, technically he's the one who dumped me, not me who dumped him' she said defending herself. 'You're unbelievable' you slammed the door and left her room. 'How is she?' your mom asked as soon as you came to the living room. 'She's fine mom. She'll be back to herself in no time' you told your mom in a sarcastic tone. 'Drive safe' your mom shouted as you drove off your Purple lamborghini to school.
  4. You parked your car. Went to your locker, picked books for the class which is english and went to class. You sat in the last row, where a group of Popular girls were sitting. Realizing that you were there, 'Guys, did you know? Keith broke-up with Sydney. Poor Sydney!' JENELLE PAIGE, the head of the group said mockingly in her squeaky voice and laughed. 'Looks like word travels fast as the Golden Couple splits' you said straight to her face. 'Golden Couple?' she asked you and made a face as the teacher arrived. 'Everybody listen up' Mrs.Taylor, the english teacher began to speak. 'Excuse me Mrs.Taylor' a boy said as everybody looked at him. 'Mr.Baron you are late' mrs.Taylor said. 'I know Mrs.Taylor' he said so casually. 'Alright come in quickly' she allowed him into class. The boy looked around for a while and decided to sit right next to you.
  5. The boy is BRAD. 'Hey Brad!' Jenelle giggled as a few other girls with her too said their 'hi's' to Brad. But he ignored them and said, 'Hey Ash!' to you. 'She's not fine Brad. She's worried about her sister's breakup. Can't you see?' Jenelle cut in. 'Oh gosh! Can you just stay out of our conversation' he replied. 'She's yet to make a conversation with you Brad. So until that i'll give you company' she said back. You ignored both of them and concentrated on class. Soon the class was finished. Jenelle blowed a kiss to Brad and walked away with her friends. 'Hey Ash!' Brad said awkwardly. 'What?' you asked him sternly. 'How are you?' he asked you. 'Why do you care?' you asked him back. 'Ash...' he dragged as you cut him off, 'Guess what? Save it' you paused for a moment. 'I really thought that you were actually being nice to me but i was wrong. Wasn't i?' 'Ash..' he interrepted you. 'No, i'm not finished yet' you blew him. 'All this time you were being nice to me only because of my sister. Youre a World-Class Jerk. Thanks to you she brokeup with Keith. Are you happy now?' you asked him. 'Ash...' he came to say somethin. 'SHUT UP' you shouted. 'I wish i never gets to see you again' you stormed off leaving Brad stunned.
  6. You picked books for your next class from locker and ran to the class. 'Ash' someone shouted your name. You turned around and said, 'Ash?'. It was your classmate Ashwell. 'We have History together' he said in his Sexy deep voice. 'What?' you said disgustingly. 'I mean we have history class together'. 'Really? I'm already late. Mr.Marsh gonna give me detention' you said hurriedly. He came close to you and said, 'Don't worry'. He grabbed your hand and started walking as you followed him. As you two reached the class, 'Don't say a word. I got this. Okay' he said to you in a serious tone. 'Yeah whatever' you replied. 'Excuse us Mr.Marsh' as Ashwell said the whole class turned to look you two. 'Yes Mr.Lynd. . . . Ms.Hayden. . . .' the teacher said and raised an eyebrow. Now only you realized he was still holding your hand. You swiftly pulled your hand out of his embarassed.
  7. 'Sorry Mr.Marsh we're a little bit late' Ashwell told innocently. 'You always say the same thing whenever you get late to the class Mr.Lynd, which is almost everyday' Mr.Marsh said calmly. 'But this time it was an honest mitstake Mr.Marsh. I din't intend to get late' Ashwell fought back. Mr.Marsh chuckled a little bit and asked, 'Really? What was that honest mistake Mr.Lynd?'. 'I can't tell you that sir' Ashwell told him immedietly. 'you can't tell or you'll have to create a story to tell' Mr.Marsh said smiling. 'No no no Mr.Marsh i'm telling the truth' Ashwell replied. 'Then what is it Mr.Lynd?' Mr.Marsh asked. As you were standing there silently, Ashwell gave you a teasing evilish look and said, ' Mr.Marsh, as we were busy making out in a classroom, we forgot to hear the bell ring. As we pulled out by the lack of oxygen, i coincidentally saw the time and we were running all the way here just to not get late to the class.' You heared some laughs in the classroom. You can't afford to look Mr.Marsh. You were blushing hardly and staring at the ground scolding Ash in your mind. 'Ms.Hayden' Mr.Marsh called you out. You looked at him still blushing. 'Since it was you i'll let you two in but make sure it won't happen again' Mr.Marsh said sternly. Before you could answer him Ashwell got first and said, 'Thank you Mr.Marsh. I'll make sure it wont happen again. I mean the makeout sessions will happen again but getting late to the class won't happen'. 'Take your seat quickly or youre going to get detention Mr.Lynd' Mr.Mash said controlling his laughter. 'Sorry Mr.Marsh' you said embarrassed and took a seat. Ashwell came behind you and sat next to you.
  8. And then it hit you. You are Mr.Marsh's favourite student. He would've let you in no matter what. But Ashwell... He always gets in trouble with Mr.Marsh. He was using you to make his way into the class. 'you were useing me to get into the class. Aren't you?' you asked Ash angrily. 'You only realized that now?' he chuckled. 'Youuuu....' you muttured frustrated. After sometime Ash nudged you. 'What?' you asked him. 'I'm sorry. I feel bad for you' he said. 'So?' you asked him. 'I want to make it up to you' he said with a serious face. 'How?' you asked him again. 'Come here closer' he said as you thought that he was going to do something funny and said, 'No i'm fine here'. 'Oh! Comeon Ash, i won't bite you' he replied. You sat closer to him since he looked serious.
  9. 'Okay this one's for you' as Ashwell spoke you leaned a little bit closer to listen to him carefully. 'Oh my gosh! This is too close Ash. People might misunderstood and think that we are kissing' he told you like he cares. Your jaws dropped. 'Close you mouth please. I don't wanna kiss you' he teased you again. Your face dropped and he began to sing, ''I don't know why, You want to follow me tonight, When the rest of the world, With whom I've crossed and I've quarreled. Lets me down so, For a thousand reasons that I know, To share forever the unrest. With all the demons I possess Beneath the silver moon. Maybe you were right But baby I was lonely. I don't want to fight, I'm tired of being sorry'' You really liked his singing and listened to him more eagerly as he continued to sing in his sexy soft voice, ''Eighth and Ocean Drive. With all the vampires and their brides. We're all bloodless and blind. And longing for a life. Beyond the silver moon'' Now he came closer and sang as if it is like he was meaning this to you, ''Maybe you were right. But baby I was lonely. I don't want to fight. I'm tired of being sorry. I'm standing in the street. Crying out for you. No one sees me. But the silver moon'' as he finished singing you giggled girlishly. But unfortunately Mr.Marsh saw and came towards you asking, 'What was that Ms.Hayden?'
  10. 'Nothing Mr.Marsh' you said in a low tone. But, Ashwell being Ashwell cut in and said, 'She wants me to outsmart you Mr.Marsh'. With a innocent face you stood there silently. 'Is that true Ashley?' Mr.Marsh asked you. 'No' you said bluntly. 'She's lying sir. She wants me to outsmart and annoy you just like STEFAN SALVATORE did to his history teacher in The Vampire Diaries 1st season' Ash told a big lie without even blinking.
  11. 'For that he has to be smart Ms.Hayden' Mr.Marsh said to you. ' No Mr.Marsh.... ' as you were talking Ash cut you again and said, ' I told her the same Mr.Marsh. But she taunts me to be atleast like DAMON SALVATORE and .... ' he suddenly stopped and looked at you. 'And what?' Mr.Marsh asked Ashwell. 'She wants me to shout YOU SUCK at you Mr.Marsh and get detention from you' he replied like he was the victim. 'I think you have to switch seats Ms.Hayden as you seem to be in a playful mood today.' Mr.Marsh said to you and asked Keith who was sitting behind you to switch seats with you.
  12. Now only you noticed that Keith was there all the time right behind you. This day couldn't get any worse. But little did you know that its going to get worser than this.
  13. As the class was finished with no more embarassment, you quietly found your way to your locker. But trouble followed you in the name of Ashwell. ' Looks like you had so much fun today ' he mocked you. You felt your face heat up in anger. All you can think about is Keith and how much youre embarassed right now. ' Leave me alone Ash ' you said to him with no emotion. ' Awww you look so cute ' he complimented you. ' She said leave her alone ' A voice came from behind Ashwell.
  14. He turned behind to look who it is. It was Keith. Your heart skipped a beat. You felt butterflies dancing in your stomach. Ashwell got closer to Keith and asked, ' Who are you to tell me that? ' with a bit of hateness in his tone. Both of them were really tall. But Ash beat Keith by cms. But if it came to a fight it would be a competitive one. ' Come on Ash lets go ' Keith said to you totally ignoring Ashwell. ' Look man, i respect you but this is unacceptable ' Ash said really angrily. ' What's Unacceptable Lynd? ' Keith asked in a cool manner. ' That you're stealing my girl away from me ' Ashwell replied. ' I'm not stealing her. I'm just asking her and She's not yours ' Keith said and looked at you. But suddenly Ash did something that he shouldn't have done. He put his hands around your neck and tried to kiss you. In the right time Keith shoved him to the ground and grabbed your wrist and tagged you along with him.
  15. As you followed Keith, everyone looked at you jealously. You managed to notice that one of those jealous people were Jenelle and her sidekicks. As Keith finally stopped walking, You can feel the pain he's feeling from the look of his face. ' I'm sorry Patch ' he said to you apologizing. 'What's wrong with you Keith?' you yelled at him rudely. ' Everything Patch everything ' as he said your eyes widened. You can't believe that he's calling you Patch. After a pause, ' Patch, I think we gotta talk ' he said leaving you freezed.
  17. Alright CANDIES, did you like it? Descriptions for Ash, Jenelle and Mr.Marsh will be added in next part. See you again with part 4. Until that....
  18. Stay Delicious!

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