what do people see wen they look at you?

i love taking quizzes on this website especially ones about your inner spirit and wat fictional character would you be etc. i took a really fun quiz that gave me the idea for this one. enjoy......

blah blah blah im double spacing my wordfs so i dont have to write to much nothing about nothing it didnt work so now im still writing more words cause the double spacing didnt use enogh... oh would u look at that, i am in the 200s yep thats exactly 305 characters for this paragraph! =)

Created by: anonymous
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what color are your eyes?
  2. how big are your eyes?
  3. do your eyes have an interesting design in them? if yes then pick the one that id the most similar to yours.
  4. how long are your eyelshes?
  5. how do you smile?
  6. wen do you smile?
  7. how straight r ur teeth?
  8. do you wear colorful clothes?
  9. do you like big giant earings and jewelry?
  10. do like to dye your hair natural colors? highlights etc.
  11. do u like to dye your hair with colorful colors (streaks, hoghlightd, or whole head)like pink and blu and purple?
  12. (this question WILL NOT count for the final results) did u like my quiz? its my first one, sorry, i know it was kinda boring....

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