How Seattle Are You

There are lots of things that defy the Emerald City. The lanky 604 ft Space Needle scraping the cloudy overcast sky, pouring down cold rain on the roof of Starbucks, well you're enjoying a specialized kind of Starbucks coffee there, well you're looking out at the beautiful Puget Sound with Mt. Baker barely sticking up over the horizon.

Seattle is a great city, but are you fit to live here? Can you handle the endless year-round rain and heavy traffic? Find out in this personality quiz!

Created by: Nick
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  1. Its raining today. You're reaction is?
  2. You have to go outside in the rain. You wear over you're head:
  3. Welcome to Starbucks! What do you like to order?
  4. Have you ever been to the Space Needle?
  5. The monorail is...
  6. Have you ever rode a ferry?
  7. Seafood is...
  8. You've been to the EMP...
  9. You love music.
  10. Do you like computers?
  11. You know at least 2 people that work at Boeing or Microsoft.
  12. Do you like diversity
  13. You get approached by a homeless person on the street asking for change. You...
  14. You get stuck in traffic. Your reaction is...

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