How scandinavian are you?

I really don't know what to write here, I am just hoping that people learn something i guess i really don't know but you have to write something here so I did

Man filling many spaces isn't like hard or anything but it's not particularly easy if you understand how tedious this is. SHOUT OUT TO SAMUEL VINCENT MY BOYFRIEND just kidding, he has phone sex with my cousin :)

Created by: Jessica Wilson

  1. What is scandinavia?
  2. Which country is not part of the NC (Nordic council)
  3. Which is a scandinavian word?
  4. what country are you most likely to find bajs in?
  5. why are you taking this test?
  6. Which country is the most different out of these choices for a scandinavian to visit?
  7. Which name is not of scandinavian origin?
  8. Which food is not Scandinavian?
  9. Which letter is NOT scandinavian?
  10. how easy did you find this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How scandinavian am I?