How Ruskingtontonion Are You?

Are you a true Ruskintontonion? Do you know the locals, the local pubs, the local take-always? Are you a local yourself? Did you marry a local?? Did you marry a member of your family?

You were born here, went school here, lived here, worked here, got married here to someone. If you didn't do at least one of the above then you settled in very well.

Created by: Elizabeth
  1. You are now a local when you have?
  2. Who is known as the local Elvis Presley?
  3. What was the shop that is now called J &J Southerns?
  4. What is Ruskington called to the locals?
  5. What are the 3 pubs called?
  6. On chestnut street new houses have been built where potters was. What was there before potters?
  7. What was the secondary school first called?
  8. Which is the largest employer in the village?
  9. What is the longest running Chinese take away?
  10. What is where the old Doctors use to be?
  11. What is the hill called near Sheps down priory road?

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Quiz topic: How Ruskingtontonion am I?