How rude are YOU?

Are you One Rude Dude (or Dudette), are you Almost a Saint or do you fall somewhere in between? Some people just think rude thoughts. Some people only share their rude observations with their friends.

So, what's your degree of rude and what can you do about it? Please answer honestly, not what you think is the right answer. It only takes a few minutes to find out or confirm that you are Rude, Saintly or somewhere in between.

Created by: Ichabod Crane
  1. The lane ahead is clear. If you hit all the lights just right and everyone does the speed limit you will be on time. Then an elderly person pulls out in front of you and proceeds at five miles UNDER the speed limit. You will . . .
  2. It has been a particularly bad day - everything has gone wrong. You stop in to the grocery store and approach the only Express Lane that is open with your two items in hand just to find a woman with 30 items in her cart and a screaming baby. You will . .
  3. Last night you had a dinner of beans, broccoli and cabbage. Needless to say you are a bit gassy. Standing in a crowded room, you will handle this by . . .
  4. Unfortunately you have not washed clothes in a month, so now you are forced to wear the only clean undies you have - the ones Grandma bought for your birthday. The fit is far from perfect and they are riding into your unmentionable areas. You cannot stand
  5. You have stepped into the stall in the bathroom and the person in the next stall appears to want to carry on a conversation with you. Asks you how you are doing, what you are doing and do you want to get together later. After answering these questions, yo
  6. After much frustration you finally decided to call customer support. You press a series of buttons, are told your wait will be approximately five minutes and then when a person comes on the line you find yourself speaking to someone who by their accent is
  7. Your boss walks arm-and-arm into Happy Hour with a much, much, much older (or younger) person. They are sitting close, holding hands, sharing lovey little kisses and oblivious to anyone else being around. You will . .
  8. You have been invited to a party by someone you do not like at all. The bottom of the invitation says R.S.V.P. Regrets Only. You have a better chance of volunteering to have all your wisdom teeth pulled at the same time than showing up to
  9. You are eating lunch and a person at the next table keeps commenting on how good the tortillas are. He has never had a tortilla as light and flavorful as this tortilla. He hopes he can talk to the tortilla maker and find out the secret. The problem is he
  10. You drove like a mad person across town, climbed the stairs to the third floor because the elevator was out of commission and slipped exhaustedly into the meeting just as the head dude was starting to talk. You reach for a soft drink and slam it in one gi

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Quiz topic: How rude am I?