Are you Boston Rude?

From the Eastern side of Massachussetts? Then you know that we are a proud rude group. Manners? Manners? We don't need no Stinkin Manners. What did they ever do for us?

I put this together to have something on myspace that will really show that Bostonians just don't give a F#%&*. Why should we. We talk to fast to slow down, we cross the street when mack trucks are commin.

Created by: Bill

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  1. When a Foriegn Tourist asks you directions to the Prudential.....
  2. When a Yankee Fan Lives in Boston, You........
  3. When asked what kind of music you listen to, you say.....
  4. When you see a hitch hiker, you....
  5. When you go to buy a car, your motives behind wanting a SUV are...
  6. When someone gives you a talking to about your smoking, you tell them.....
  7. When someone is tailgating you, you
  8. When someone asked you to say - Park the car in havard yard, you reply
  9. When asked to use your accent to say - Put the Cracker in the Chowder, you reply
  10. When in boston - where can and Can't you Smoke

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Quiz topic: Am I Boston Rude?