How well do you know wolves?

You may think you know wolves, but do you? Do you really? Take this quiz to learn how much you really know about wolves. You may get a very high score. If so, good for you! But you could get a lower score. In that case, just keep trying! :)

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Created by: tomboy9876
  1. What color is a gray wolf's fur?
  2. How long do wolves' fangs usually grow?
  3. How many species of wolves are there?
  4. How many subspecies of wolf are there?
  5. Will a wolf attack a human?
  6. Why would a wolf howl?
  7. What is the scientific name for the wolf?
  8. What is the order and the family of the wolf?
  9. How many teeth does a wolf have?
  10. When are the pups born?
  11. What shape are wolves' ears?
  12. How many pups are normally in one litter?
  13. What is one way to tell the difference between a wolf and a dog?
  14. True or False: Wolves hunt alone.
  15. Wolves are:
  16. The alpha wolf earns its position by:

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Quiz topic: How well do I know wolves?