how romantic r u??

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how romantic are you really????? really reallyz really reallyz really???? blah blahz blah blahz blah blahz blah lolz lols lolz lols lolz lols lolz lols

take my quiz and find out how romantic you really truelly blah blahz blah lolz im soo so bored lolz blah blahz blahs blah lolz lols

Created by: Shadys Angel

  1. which saying would u say to ur lover??
  2. which color do u think is the color of love/passion??
  3. when u do it for the first time how do u want it??
  4. which flower is most romantic??
  5. swimming would u rather see ur love in a....
  6. which do u think is more romantic??
  7. which are cuter??
  8. most romantic holiday??
  9. dance style most romantic??
  10. most romantic place??

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