how romantic are you? for boys

there are many romantic people in the world but some more then others! Will you be the one to rise above the others??? will you be the romantic one??? enjoy

For the best results in this quiz please be honest in answering these 12 questions do you think you are romantic. give this quiz a try and find out!!!

Created by: 192837465
  1. what do you like about a girl?
  2. where would you like to go with your girl?
  3. if you saw your girlfriend crying what would you do?
  4. if you saw a prettier girl then the one youve got what would you say to the one you already have?
  5. what would you do with your girl on spare time?
  6. what song would you sing for your girl?
  7. what animal do you picture your girlfriend as?
  8. what flower would you give your girl?
  9. what time would you take your girl on a date
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Quiz topic: How romantic am I? for boys