How romantic ru?

Romance, some people think it's luck, other people think it's magic, while some thinks it's just careful planning. What do YOU think? Don't know? take this quiz and then see what you think.

Are you romantic? Just a typical flirt? Do you tend to have flings and quickies and normally end up dating people you don't have feelings for? Or are you one of those romantically gifted people who seem to know the right time for everything? Take this quiz to find out.

Created by: amazon

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  1. how long does an average relationship last for you?
  2. how many boyfriends/girlfriends have u had in the past month
  3. a really dorky person asks u out, what do u do
  4. your boyfriend or girlfriend has invited u to a party, what do u do
  5. imagine that u have a long distance relationship with your admirer, over the time he/she is away u develope a crush on some1 else what do u do.
  6. what happened the last time u flirted with some1
  7. pick a color (just do it)
  8. what would u do if u caught your bf/gf cheating on you
  9. what kind of person would u like to date?
  10. when do u think is the right time for a first kiss?

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