what kind of guy do you like?

Every boy wants to be liked but is everyone liked? do you like someone who is romantic or do you like a nerd? A romantic guy is always there for you and is allways sweet and nice. A nerd on the other hand is someone who is really smart but most of the times are not very good looking.

Do you like a romantic guy? Do you have the looks to be with a romantic guy or a nerd? Until know you can only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: Miranda of boy quiz
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  1. you crush just called and asked you to prom what do you say?
  2. where are you usually when you see your crush?
  3. its ur birthday what does your crush give you?
  4. your crush asked you on a date and you said yes. What is the first thing your crush says to you?
  5. where is your first date?
  6. who makes the first move?
  7. does your crush write notes to you?
  8. how do you communicate with your crush?
  9. you love jewelry. what does he give you?
  10. you had a bad day how does he help you feel better?
  11. you had a bad day how does he help you feel better?

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Quiz topic: What kind of guy do I like?