How Romantic Are You?

This is just for any girl or guy even who wants to find out how romantic they are for a date. If they are well prepared, they will just find out with this quiz. Even though I am only 15, and I probably don't know TOO much, I love romance, and I was bored when I dame this quiz.

I think that romance is important, even though I am too young for any of it. I have never had a REAL romantic date with anybody, because I am too young, but ohh, well. I know enough, so it's alright with me, and I hope it is alright with you when you take the quiz too.

Created by: amazon of trixie12321
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  1. What type of romantic guy/girl would you like?
  2. When you and your date prepare a good place to eat, what would you choose to wear?
  3. You got to your date (even if you said you didn't have one) and you arrived... but where?
  4. When you eat something with your date, how do you order it?
  5. Your lover offers to pay for the meal, what do you say to him/her?
  6. After dinner, you guys decide to go to the mall just for fun. What place in the mall would you like to go?
  7. Well, you guys are done, how do you show your gratitude for your lover?
  8. How are you planning on making your next date better?
  9. You've been invited to a movie with your date, but the movie isn't so good. What do you say to your lover?
  10. Your lover decided to be nice to how you feel, and change the movie. It was a scary one, but it was a WAY better choice. Your lover noticed you are sort of scared by it. What do you want him/her to do?
  11. So that scary movie was over, and he/she was sorry you weren't too happy with the movie. Your lover asks, "How can I repay you?" And you say:
  12. Random question: What are your favorite types of colors?
  13. How involved do you want to become with your lover from now into the future?

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