How Reading are you?

Reading has so many greats and a whole bunch of local interests. Are you one of those greats and are you proper Reading? Are you a true Readingensian?

Take this quiz and see if you are worthy of calling yourself proper Reading. It's not for the occasional visitor and to get a good score you need to be Reading and proud.

Created by: Sarah
  1. What was The Butts Centre?
  2. What is Smelly Alley?
  3. Who is Kingsley?
  4. What would you expect to see Elvis holding?
  5. What are Reading's 3 B's?
  6. What was Reading Girls School called?
  7. Where were Reading FC based before before they moved to the Madjeski Stadium?
  8. Why is there an area of town called The Potteries?
  9. Where would you be if you went to Utopia?
  10. What animal can be found in Forbury Gardens?
  11. What was The Oracle before it was a shopping centre?
  12. Where is Reading Bedding?

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Quiz topic: How Reading am I?