How well do you REALLY know me?

well you see the situation is this: this stupid website has a annoying thing about having to have so many letters in these bits. it is really annoying and you do not have to read thins if you dont want to... honest... no ones making you... stop reading this!.... its not worth it really....ill stop writing soon and then you will be sorry!.......

ahh i see your still reading.... even after a gap your still reading... persistent bugger arnt you... i wonder if i have 150 letters yet.... thaats the only reason im doing this you know... so i can use up lotsa letters... so you really dont have to read this.... stop now!!... ok im stopping writing now.. i think i have 150 letters.... and you are REALLY sad for reading this. honestly you are anyway stoip reading this now and read this quiz: :)

Created by: Carl Yates
  1. What do i want to do as a career?
  2. And what is my back up career plan?
  3. Who is in frodo?
  4. And what does frodo do?
  5. How do i deal with my emotions?
  6. What two subjects did i choose at GCSE?
  7. What A levels have i chosen?
  8. Am i gay?
  9. What two colours are my room?
  10. Which road do i live on?
  11. What phone do i have?
  12. Why did i have to change my old phone?
  13. I go to a youth group on tuesdays. What is it called?
  14. What species of pet do i have?
  15. I have an allergic reaction that affects my eyes. What is it called?
  16. Do i have a Computer in my room?
  17. If you are upset i am more likely to:
  18. How much do i weigh?
  19. How long did i go out with karen brazier for?
  20. What make of deoderant do i use?
  21. How many guitars do i own?
  22. I am a member of which amatuer dramatics society?
  23. What phone network am i with?
  24. What is my email address?
  25. How many email address's do i have?
  26. I have two Badges on my wallet. What two bands are they of?
  27. What object do i collect on each holiday i go on?
  28. And were do i keep them?
  29. What colour are my curtains ?
  30. What is my middle name?
  31. What is my dads middle name?
  32. How many times have i moved house in my life?
  33. Where was the last house i lived in?
  34. How many PS2s have i owned?
  35. What is the most sensitive area of my body?
  36. What two colours are the carpet in my room?
  37. I have planned a short stop-motion film to work on after my gcse's. What is it about?
  38. How many computers are in my house?
  39. I have a scar above my left eye. How did i get it?
  40. I have a birthmark. Where is it?

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Quiz topic: How well do I REALLY know me?