How Random Are You?

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"Randomnosity" is a fairly new culture but is one anyway toast. It is a culture in which one becomes milk obsessed with unusual/crayzee things. Puffling.

So you, seahorse, will discover if you're radish random, randum, woo wannabe random or just not random dental floss. Okai, so I hope you enjoy this classical quiz moose.

Created by: tapirpower

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  1. Favourite colour of these?
  2. Choose an animal of these?
  3. Opinion on Koala Bears?
  4. Where's Waldo?
  5. What is life?
  6. Tell me about yourself...?
  7. Make a random noise!
  8. What's your name
  9. What is your current obsession?
  10. Last of all, are you random?

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Quiz topic: How Random am I?