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  • no, this quiz is racist against French people, and all because of stereotypes that aren't always true. personally, if you love all other europeans and all non-whites but you brand me a racist because I love france or know a lot of French people, guess what? you're a racist! by the way, notice I didn't use all caps to get my message across? how I didn't raise my voice but improved my argument? I got that from martin luther king jr.

  • I got Pretty racial, Slightly racial and Not racial all the same what the hell does that mean??????

  • i'm not racist,the quiz reator is obviously an idiot,too non-racial doesn't exist and stop blaming non-racist for causing racism.i'm poor i have meditarenean olive skin tone,i was born in france and i'm originly from a ghetto full of coloured immigrants in england.

  • lol i jumped up right away, this is the first quiz that i came across that has the beatles in it... But yeah my quiz is slightly racial. For the record, I am native-american...

  • theres no such thing as "too non-racial" ok?
    i didnt like that quiz
    at all

  • great quiz! i'm not racial!

  • What a stupid "quiz"- all based on someone elses emotions.

    What if it were a non-white user who was "biased"- Would they still be labeled a filthy racist? If you are going to create a quiz, do it so it's impartial and not because you are mad at racists etc.


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