How pretty are you? =O x

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YO!!!, Hiya :D, i made this quiz, cause i think girlz/guyz, sometimes dont see the prettyness we all have!, whether it naturaly inside or out, everybody had something and we alllll gorgeous! ;D x

So, are you pretty!?, uh? yh!, but this quiz, is to show how pretty.., or what you class as :). I hope nobody takes offence..D:, cause i tryed to be as nice (but honest!) as possible, pleaze rate and i hope you enjoy! ;D x

Created by: Sugarali
  1. Ok, lets get started! ^^. What colour are your eyez? x
  2. What colour is your hair? x
  3. What style do you tend to do with your hair? =) x
  4. Ok so, body type? ^^, be honest =) x
  5. Pick a style you would wear most ;D..
  6. Pick one somebody has said to you ^^ x
  7. Rawr ima grape! are??
  8. Your going on a date with your dream guy/girl, you wear?
  9. How many bfz/gfz you had?,, be honest its ok :)
  10. Last question, will you miss me? :)

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Quiz topic: How pretty am I? =O x