Am I Pretty?!?!?! OR Nah?

Every one is beautiful in their own way! But are you a true beauty! Of course your parents always tell you that you are drop dead gorgeous, but is that really true?

If you wanna find out if you are beauty pagent ready, then take this quiz to find out! This quiz will tell you if you are Hot or Not! You can only find out the real truth one way, and its this way!

Created by: Ollie Tate
  1. Are you confident?
  2. What is your hair color?
  3. Do you wear makeup?
  4. what is you fashion sense?
  5. What is your every day go to hairstyle?
  6. Where do you shop normally?
  7. Do you think you are pretty?
  8. What color are your nails painted right now?
  9. People describe you as...
  10. what would you give this quiz out of ten?

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