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  • Got 64%

    Sami12 Jan 26 '14, 10:31AM
  • no, i'm not preppy, h'n! More Deidara-ish, h'n!
    But it's just a quiz, h'n!
    I'm outta here--KATSU!

    awesomecuziam Mar 29 '12, 10:20PM
  • You are 50% Preppy!

    People who are this preppy are the most dangerous ones! You never know when they are going to say something preppy!

    This result is so not me. I'm not preppy whatsoever.

    gothicangel456 Nov 26 '11, 1:28PM
  • 22% s@^% thats bad. MUST HAVE 0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    zomgirl Nov 5 '11, 9:43PM
  • You are 63% Preppy!

    You are very preppy, but don't worry, you're not the worst...not yet anyway...Don't worry, you're not the only one.

    O ..kaii
    What Eva.....


    P.S. Stop Being So Mean To Preppy People One Of My
    Best Friends Are Preppy

    oxSierraxo May 11 '11, 5:41PM
  • preppy people suck! sk8r all the way!!!!

    stickerz Jan 2 '11, 3:05PM
  • omg guys i got 80% preppy and i hate to be preppy cause alot of ppl that i hang out wit hate preps

    brooklynn818 Oct 27 '10, 11:42AM
  • I am sorta Preppy I like this quiz!

    Alanna Jul 28 '10, 2:21PM
  • 40% okay

    xxGreenDayxx Mar 28 '10, 10:59AM
  • uh no who eva made this friggin quiz needs mental help cuz i aint no friggin prep!! i cant stand dem girlz that think there all that and act all nice to ur face but turn around and say somethin bout u!! they aggrevate the s--- outa me!!

    xevx Feb 28 '10, 1:39AM
  • i cant believe i only got 84% oh well im still preppy

    frannie513 Nov 23 '09, 7:57PM
  • Ha I ain't preppy this quiz is twisted mayn

    jazzy0319 Nov 13 '09, 5:00PM
  • wtf! 50% hell no i hate preps!

    alltimelowluver Oct 24 '09, 12:23PM
  • Prep sucks.

    DJ Chic La Freak Oct 22 '09, 4:01AM
  • *snort*Im NOT 70% preppy!Im mostly 50% the middle of quiz!

    Jessie105 Jul 29 '09, 10:26PM
  • I'm 73% Preppy!
    WTF I hate people like that. I cant help I'm a happy person and there is nothing wrong with that.

    JessiKate May 20 '09, 12:46PM
  • dude im 53% prep. i used to be emo but i guess ive changed. i was emo for three years. it was really hard to change after so long!!!!!! oh by the way the quiz was A. OKAY

    snake0345 Apr 16 '09, 7:21PM
  • You are 33% Preppy!

    Uh-Oh! we're going to need an ambulance! This person does not want to be a prep! You were preppy in the past, but all that's behind you. Although, sometimes you have your preppy moments!

    emogurl Mar 20 '09, 3:10PM

    Mega_crazy Feb 21 '09, 1:22AM

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