How popular should you be on Tik Tok?

Hello! You think you're amazing at Tik Tok? Well, find out now by taking this awesome quiz! Disclaimer: this is my first time making a quiz so I'm really sorry if I'm inaccurate!

I hope you enjoy this quiz and comment below what score you got compared to your real amount of fans! Okay, now we can be truthful I'm just writing this sentence bc I need 150 characters. --kayla

Created by: Kayla
  1. First of all, are you female or male? This does not affect your result.
  2. What sort of content do you post?
  3. When did you join / Tik Tok?
  4. Your age?
  5. How would you describe yourself?
  6. I have something to tell you...
  7. The first question when I asked your gender, it did affect your result... I'm sorry
  8. SIKE
  9. Check on your account, how many hearts do you have?
  10. Last question, how do you think your score is?

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Quiz topic: How popular should I be on Tik Tok?