Musical lyric match

This is a test of your musical knowledge of Rap, Hip-Hop, and Pop. And it only covers those. Only those. But to score badly, you would have to live under a rock and four feet under.

Disclaimer Paraghraph: I am aware of the fact that this only covers Hip-Hop and Pop. I do not or intend to own the titles and band names in this test, and my information comes from Fuse and VH1.

Created by: alex014

  1. [this one doesn't count] This is a test of your lyrical knowledge. This has Rap/Pop/Taylor Swift. Maybe.
  2. Chorus: Ok. Lamburgiune Murci, yo chick she so thirsty, I'm in that two seat lambo with your girl she try'na jerk me.
  3. Verse One: You can try to read the lyrics off this paper before I lay 'em, But you won't take the sting out the words before I say 'em. Cuz There's no way Imma let stop me from causin' mayhem, when I say imma do somethin' I do it. I don't give a damn what you think...
  4. Chorus: Look at me now look at me now ehh I'm gettin' paper
  5. Chorus: Baby you light up my world like nobody The way you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed, the way you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell...
  6. Doesn't count: Well, I'm out of lyrics, so now we will go to random facts
  7. The popular british boy band One Direction is a hearthrob to girls everywhere. However, One Direction is invovled in a lawsuit with a boy band with the same name from where:
  8. Justin Bieber, a male pop artist of 19 is, in all practical purposes, canadian. But what famous Hip-Hop artist from Young Money Records is also from canada?
  9. Eminem [aka Marshall Matthers, Slim Shady] has two 'Never Give Up' songs, but which is the earliest?
  10. Jennifer Lopez [J-Lo] has a club hit that dominated the charts for Ten weeks. But who else was in the song?
  11. 'Back In Time' by Pitbull is for what movie:
  12. Who signed Eminem?

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