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Some people think they know every lyric to every song. Well those people are lying. (Unless they do actually know every lyric to every song... Wow, that person must have one big brain...

Anyways, to test YOUR knowledge on how good you are at remembering lyrics to some of my personal favorites. Songs include: Dirty Little Secret, Tik Tok, Jar of Hearts, And other favirites!

Created by: tara the amazing
  1. Fill in the blank~ Song: Jar Of Hearts Runnin' 'round leaving ____, collecting you jar of hearts tearing love apart.
  2. Song: Breakaway Out of the darkness and into the _____, I won't forget all the ones that I loved.
  3. Song: Tik Tok Wake up in the mornin' feelin' like P-Ditty, grab my ______ I'm out the door, I'm gonna hit this city!
  4. Song: So What? So, so what? I am a rock-star, I got my ______, and I don't need you.
  5. Song: Dynamite Cause I told you once, now I told you twice, we go ____ __ __, like it's dynamite.
  6. Song: Don't stop believing (Small town) He's just a city boy, born and raised in ___ _____ He took the midnight train going anywhere.
  7. ~Last song~ Song: Dirty Little Secret When we live such ______ lives It's the best way we survive I go around a time or two Just to waste my time with you
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