The Song Lyrics Quiz (Hard)!

So, you think you know your music? I'm gonna say right off this should be hard for MOST pople, not all. That being said, why don't you go ahead and test your lyric prowess?

There will be lyrics from songs from different genres and even languages, and it's your job to choose the correct lyrics for them. Good luck, and have fun!

Created by: MoJo JoJo
  1. And the __________ ________ _________ ___ _ ___ ___ ____ ____ _____ can't track you down with the _____________ ____ ____ ________
  2. Alone at last we can ____________, I've lost all faith in this __________________.
  3. I cannot hide ________________.
  4. Okay, you should get this one: Jingle bells, jingle bells, __________________.
  5. Chuaigh me isteach i dteach areir, is d'iarr me cairde ar mhnaoi an leanna. ____________________________________________________________________
  6. Listen to my heart, so sad forever. I am lost without you and your wife, the great love in your life. She guided me.
  7. Why do you all hate me? Everyone's against me. Mommy don't care, Daddy can't help.
  8. I wonder if the stars sign _________________________, and would let their light shine _________________.
  9. Bitte lass uns keine freunde blieben, __________________. Niemals einer meinung sein...
  10. Last and final: I don't really give a ******* cos...

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