How Polite Are You?

This is not a quiz. This is an actual online test. This test tests your politeness level. Take this test to see if your polite or not. P.S. You can't take this test more than once.

Do you think you are polite? If you think you are polite or impolite, take this test. This test will test your politeness knowledge. You cannot take this test for more than once, just to remind you.

Created by: The Security

  1. If someone says hi to you, what do you say back?
  2. If someone sneezed, what do you say?
  3. If someone gave you a nice gift, what do you say to him/her?
  4. When are you rude?
  5. Which sentence do you think is true?
  6. Is your mood always polite?
  7. If you said no, why are you impolite?
  8. If you said yes, You didn't need to take this test. So, why are you taking the test?
  9. Do you have many friends?
  10. Do you think being polite is important for life?

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Quiz topic: How Polite am I?