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  • Your Result: Very Poetic

    Congratulat ions! I believe that you have been initiated into the poetic universe. Obviously you have a very creative personality and understand how to tune into your senses to create a piece of art.You may or may not be very confident in your poetic skills but if you passed this test it shows that you have A LOT of poetic sensability.

    Oka y, cool. I'm actually a published poet ^//o//^

  • My Result: Somewhat Poetic 82%

    Ther e's a 50% chance that you know what good poetry is. You do not really read poetry or haven't really shown interest in developing poetic skills. You know some of the basic poetic terms and such. Nice try overall.

    Haha I took this coz I need to badly write a poem for my sister's 20th Birthday! Please help and pray for me that I do it before 28th! :D

  • I got a little poetic but i know i'm more than that. What you wrote was beautiful. Here's one i made for you: the darkness swelled around my heart, shattering every piece. My love was gone, and so was the life of my niece. My soul was dark so help me please. When it is filled with will see.. XD please don't copy did you like it?

  • I was recorded somewhat 86%,hmmm,pretty cool.

    Mehn,am a poet but I don't know if it's my talent.

    At times,I find myself good and at times below average standard

    Always a problem to start.

  • i'm kind of heartless
    so i seem kind of bland
    and only some can harness
    the talents at hand
    The poetry was different
    but thats what makes if good
    and your talent is infenent
    and persue it you could

  • I'll be my first comment haha.

  • I got somewhat poetic.Good quiz,it was fun.

  • Yeah it was good haha. Sorry it took me like a month to check the comments XD


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