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  • 46% perfect? Well, you are slightly on the devilish side but you could easily change, if you want, be more generous and less stressed.

    Hehehe , well, this does sound a lot like me.

    DreamerOnDrugs Jan 31 '11, 6:33AM
  • Im 100% PERFECT!!!

    Luna Rocksters Sep 12 '10, 4:25PM
  • wow 85%. i thought i was like 50% but wow. cool.

    doglover374 Jul 11 '10, 10:05PM
  • 75%? I don't really consider myself perfect, but uh.. thanks, I guess.

    I like music Jul 11 '10, 2:14PM
  • yes i'm perfect!!!take that b----es!!!!

    cokepepsi1211 Jul 10 '10, 8:46PM
  • yeeeee im perfect!!!!!

    hale4456 Jul 9 '10, 12:47PM
  • I just wanted to see what your definition of perfect was
    Result: still have no idea

    Nallie Jul 7 '10, 11:18PM
  • 88% perfect. But honestly no ones perfect so I don't see why there's a quiz about achieving the impossible.

    LOSTinTIME Jun 29 '10, 3:19PM

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