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  • Sastipe tumen ! Lachhi tjiri Dives tumen. Sat San ? Me som Mishto. Hatjeres Man ? (Hiya y'all ! Good day. How are you ? I'm well. Can you understand me ?)

    I got 49% on this.

    Btw, makes sense seeing as I'm mixed > British German+Romani ( Sinti+Balkan Rom). My Sinti Clan originates Sindh River region Pakistan and my Balkan Rom Clan originates from North India (Haryana, Gujarat, Punjab, Rajasthan) > so this makes a lot of sense.

    I live in the UK but my grandmother/ me Baba Rai would probs score almost 100% on this quiz. She re-uses wrapping paper and gifts that don't suit her she gifts them back to ppl around winter break lmao . Also the automatic shoe taking off thing, I learnt from my grandmother/ Me Baba Rai (dad's mum) very quickly when I was 9 and didn't understand why she got so mad that I hadn't taken my muddy trainers off at the door. Ohmygosh.

    Anyways cool quiz. Me mangav e quiz ( love the quiz). But Najs tuke (thank you very much), bub-bye ~.

  • Arey, you are 35% Pakistani!

    Not bad, but not good enough to call yourself a real Pakistani either! You seem more London than Lahore, so why not try wearing a shalwar kameez for a week and maybe that'll bump up your rating...

    I'm not Pakistani, actually. I'm Bengali. And I understand a little bit of Urdu and Hindi. And I do not like wearing Salwar Kameez's. That's probably because I have strayed too far from my roots. Anyway, A-W-S-O-M-E QUIZ! 10/10!! =D

  • Arey, you are 19% Pakistani!

    Sorry yaar, that's quite low. You're either a Pakistani that's strayed far from your roots, or a non-Pakistani with a little bit of spice in your character. A little bit more effort wouldn't hurt!

    i was born in pakistan but i lived in canada my whole life, its my favourite place in the world. looks like i've become a white washed Canuck

    so raven
  • 37%....clearlyy thats better then what i really was expecting =) but my love for pakistan has faded throughout my life span .... because of the pakistani people i grew up with =) in Canada and in Pakistan when i went back to visit my cousinz...i prefer myself being recalled as a Canadian since ive been rasied here all my life...and in my personal point of view that is my mother land i would like to honour =) and rasie the canadian flaggg =)

    - but i still love pakistani foood =) <3

  • Got 56%

    Wow I was born in England but most of my family is from Pakistan. My grandparents would probably score 100% on this quiz.

    Well done it was a very funny quiz.

  • Arey, You Are 90% Pakistani!!

    Pakistan zindabaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaad! Your zabardast score means you are a proper style Pakistani, well done you! In keeping with your character, you may now wish to perfrom a bhangra dance and eat ladoo. Enjoy!


  • Arey, you are 26% Pakistani!

    Sorry yaar, that's quite low. You're either a Pakistani that's strayed far from your roots, or a non-Pakistani with a little bit of spice in your character. A little bit more effort wouldn't hurt!

    spice in my character... f--- yes xD

  • I got 31 despite being born in Pakistan and living here all my life and I'm not even mixed

  • 80% and i live in america. Anyhow this is an amazing and surprisingly accurate quiz. Please add more questions.

  • Arey, i am 69% Pakistani!;

    Well it might be,cause i am living in EU now, so have lost the 31% in last 8 years.But "Phir bhi Dil hai Pakistani".

    Kiya hoga Humare Pakistan Ka? Any one got the Answer?

  • 9% .. thats bad right? Well I guess it figures, I didn't know what the hell the test was even talking about half of the time. That and the fact that I'm a scandinavian :D

  • I am not pakistani an indian an muslim well my name is khan and I am not a terarist I lv to watch ur movies really realistic I love my india and vatan mera india ;-)0:)

    maiyra williams
  • wow. Fun quiz. 18%... And no I have not "strayed far from the trail" I'm not pakistani, so I guess that means "I have a bit of spice in my character." Sweet.

  • 63%

    I'm thoroughly confused considering I have no asian or middle eastern blood in me whatsoever. German/Irish american.

    durrr...ummm.. uh oh, what does this mean?

  • haha one of my favorite quizzes ever!
    I got 55%!
    Pakistan Zindabad!

    And PS Pakistan is waaaay better than India IN ALL ASPECTS!

    peace out

  • When it says Your teenage sis was talkin to a white boi one of the answers should be "Abe?! ye goray bache tumse kya maangre teh?" lol i scored a 89 anyways. PAKISTAN and LADDOO ZINDABAD

  • I'm 0%
    Which is good, because im white.
    So its all gravy.

  • I got...Um...5% which is mostly because I'm not Pakistani haha but it was a fan quiz.

  • GROSS! 5%!! I'm disgusted in myself.

  • I’m white and Native American and from the USA. I scored 40%

  • Hey, no need to mention India in the quiz, didi or bhai. Bhagavan ek hai aur hum, bhagavan ka children, hum bhi ek hai..

  • Pakistan muslim League Qauid-e-Azam Uk ZaindBaad

    We love Pakistn
    Long Live President Prevze Musharaf

  • DON Y4S 49% and i thought i was quite a p4ki

  • 2% hehe lol well cause im European/american

    even though Asia is my fav. continent XD but i wouldn't fit in w/Pakistans at all

  • I totally dig the non-Pakis taking this guys...You guys so cute, and so are your comment (esp robb_m)s! Anyway..63% for me..ho hum


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