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  • Um... thanks

  • Meh, according to your quiz, I should be having a kid in the next five years. I would be surprised if that happened. But I guess that is possible. (I scored 20-25) The quiz was ok. I prefer less filler. But good enough I guess. 5/10

  • Your Result: 26-30

    You like children but you would prefer to wait and enjoy the things in life that aren't respnsobilities. You have others things you prefer doing that taking care of another life.

    Yayz! That's exactly when I want to have kids, that's the perfect result, I gave this quiz 10/10. =) It was really good and accurate.

    I like music
  • good quiz... id want to adopt eventually, like at late 20s or later, but thats quite away from right now... :P

  • Hope yal enjoy my quiz. :)


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