How obsessed with Harry Potter are you?

How obsessed with Harry Potter are you?? come on take the quiz and find out! it ain't bad, even if i think it's fail ^^ anyway the quiz will ask you many different questions, don't be afraid to answer them!

in a few minutes you will find out how fail this quiz is, how obsessed with Harry Potter you are, and maybe something else that i did not expect! enjoy! :)

Created by: BlackSaphireDragon
  1. Do you own all the HP books?
  2. What is the last sentence of book 7? (in the 19 years later part)
  3. Who is Aragog?
  4. Who is not a character?
  5. How many times have you seen the 6th movie?
  6. Do you often make Harry Potter refrences?
  7. Do you play with things (pens, sticks etc) and pretend you can do magic with them?
  8. did i fail at this quiz? (will not effect ans)
  9. What is Harry's wand (wood, length and core)
  10. How obsessed do you think you are?
  11. do you like this quiz? (will not effect ans)

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Quiz topic: How obsessed with Harry Potter am I?