How Ncis Are You?

How NCIS are you if you have ever seen the show you should be a wizz at this it would be easy to you now I'm getting bored but over all I hope you do enjoy this quiz?

If you have never seen this show then you might want a different quiz because this isn't the quiz for you well only if you want ti try it you can so comeon.

Created by: Bella_Cullen

  1. What is Ziva last name?
  2. What is the name of the forensic anylist?
  3. Abby sleeps with what.
  4. Who is the boss
  5. Who has had three wives?
  6. Who is a wizz on computers?
  7. Who died in the last episode of part three?
  8. How many series has their been?
  9. Why does Ziva join?
  10. Which is true

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Quiz topic: How Ncis am I?