How well do you know NCIS?

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There are many NCIS fans out there, but there is only one number one fan. NCIS, afterall, is the best show on the entire planet. What is a number one fan? A number one fan is someone who has never misses a episode.

Are YOU a NCIS number one fan? Do you never miss an episode? Until now you could only wonder "Am I the number one fan?" But now thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: Nightmare Angel

  1. Let's make the first one easy what does N.C.I.S. stand for?
  2. How many directors has the team had?
  3. What is Ducky's real name?
  4. Who killed Special Agent, Katelynn Todd?
  5. Personality trivia: Who is the Senior Feild agent who is always serious lost his daughter, Kelly and a long time ago had an affair with Jennifer Sheperd?
  6. Who is the gothic forensic specialist with the loving and bubbly personality?
  7. Who is the "Probe" of the show?
  8. Where is Ziva David from?
  9. When Special Agent Anthony Dinozzo got a anonyous letter with a lipstick kiss on the back what did he get when he opened?
  10. In the episode titled "Dog Tags" what did Abby re-name the dog?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know NCIS?