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  • Hey guys,

    This is the creator of this quiz. Just to remind you, PLEASE keep my cat, Balina in your prayers. She's dead, but I surely hope she's in heaven right now. I know you're all strangers on the internet, but I need a lot of help. I miss my cat and only hope that she's in a better place.

    Anyways, I hope you like the quiz, sorry if it's not accurate, I'm feeling quite down today.

  • Hey, I loved your quiz! It was fun, entertaining and accurate.

    I'm so sorry about your cat, Balina. Stay strong and I'm sure your cat loves you very much and is proud of you for creating this quiz. I will pray for Balina. Don't worry, God is loving and one day you'll meet Balina in heaven. ange xx

  • Okay! I'm 2% mysterious. I will pray for your cat. Good quiz

  • 85%

  • ok ill pray for your cat. i got 11%


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