How much of a Pyromancer are you on Wizard101?

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Fire is one of the seven schools of Wizard101. It is, arguably, the best school, and lots of people chose fire when they start Wizard101 (like me) This is a quiz on it.

Are you ready to find out how great of a pyromancer you are? Take the quiz and see if you are even worthy enough to have the title pyromancer, or if you are the greatest one there ever was!

Created by: pyroman
  1. What is a pyromancer?
  2. Who is the Ravenwood teacher of fire?
  3. What are the fire school colors?
  4. How much health does a pyromancer have starting out?
  5. Which of the following is not a fire spell?
  6. Which spell can heal you?
  7. Which spell did I just make up?
  8. Is fire hot?
  9. What level do you get the spell Helephant?
  10. How much damage does Fire Dragon do?(to all enemies)
  11. Which street in Wizard City is devoted to fire?
  12. In Krokotopia, which tomb is fire?
  13. What is the fire school's gemstone?
  14. True of False- The final boss of MarleyBone is fire.
  15. Is fire the best school or what? (my opinion)

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Quiz topic: How much of a Pyromancer am I on Wizard101?