Wizard101 Sorting Hat! : Which School Are You?

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There are 7 different schools in wizard101, and it can be a real struggle choosing the right one. We want to avoid having you pick one school to later regret your pick and having to start all over again

Here are a few questions put together that will sort you into the right school for you! Each question will determine what kind of player you are and what you enjoy doing the most.

Created by: Daniel

  1. What kind of role do you like?
  2. More damage or more health?
  3. How do you like to deal damage?
  4. Is dealing the most amount of damage important to you?
  5. How do you value solo leveling and having an easy experience?
  6. Is being needed and a prioritized pick in a team up scenario important to you?
  7. Does it matter to you how popular your school is?
  8. Do you like being the absolute best at one thing with less diversity?
  9. Do you like being the underdog?
  10. Which type were you at school?

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Quiz topic: Wizard101 Sorting Hat! : Which School am I?