Wizard101 Quiz 2015

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Wizard101 is a HUGE MMORPG game by Kingsisle, with over 1,000,000 players! Take this quiz to know how much knowledge you know about the game to understand where you belong in the 1,000,000!

You think you are good at Wizard101? Prove it and take this quiz to find out if you are a true Wizard! I bet my magic wand you will fail! Mwahahahaha!

Created by: Electric Physco
  1. What school is the most powerful?
  2. which world is related to Medieval Times?
  3. What is the level 100 myth spell?
  4. Which of these spells is the most powerful?
  5. Fill in the Blank: Shane Von _____
  6. What are the 2 optional worlds
  7. Which spell could apply the LEAST damage?
  8. What is the highest PvP rank
  9. Who created Wizard101
  10. What school is more defnesive
  11. What is the level 96 crafted death hat below?
  12. What school is focused more on "devastating" attacks?
  13. What is the level 38 life spell?
  14. What PvP rank do you have to have to be able to learn Conviction?
  15. Which of the Following is NOT a level 100 spell?
  16. What badge do you get for defeating 500 golems?

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