How much longer can you hold your pee?

If you don't need to pee at all, aren't wondering how much you can hold, or want advice on holding, this quiz is definitely not for you ;)

Created by: Bonny
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  1. First we need to assess your bladder fullness. After that we'll run a few tests, see if you've got a strong bladder (and expect a bit of cruelty, I like to play with my victims). You'll need some materials. Does all this sound O.K. so far?
  2. Things you'll need: a water bottle (full of some liquid), a towel (in case things get messy), some floor, a locked room (for your own good), and old clothes (again, in case I do manage to- I mean, in case you can't hold it). Do you have these things? (Won't have an effect on your score)
  3. Now, let's get some background. Where is the nearest bathroom to you?
  4. Let's find out your current bladder situation. Scale of 1-5, how bad?
  5. Now, to test your bladder strength, we're going to do some activities. Put on those old clothes. Spread your leg. Relax. Push down on your bladder. The result?
  6. These are tests so you'll know for future reference how much you can stand. I call that one the Push Maneuver. Do it again, but take sips of your water while you're doing it.
  7. Lay down on the floor and sip your water until you feel like you're about to dribble (not at the mouth, FYI). So... what happened now?
  8. Lay down again, legs spread, and relax everything. Then do the Push Maneuver. Now, relax, spread your legs, do the Push Maneuver AND take a few sips of water. How did THAT go?
  9. If you've got a waist-high table near you, push your bladder against it and relax, no matter what happens, for thirty seconds. If you don't have a table, do the Push Maneuver for thirty seconds standing up. This time, let's use the 1-5 scale. Scroll up if you need to read descriptions.
  10. Drink the last of your water and stay relaxed. Don't sit on your foot/use your hand/wriggle/any other "preventive" technique. What happened?

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Quiz topic: How much longer can I hold my pee?