How much like me are you?

There are lots of people in this world (7 billion I think). And we are all different, but how much are WE alike? If you get a good score (more than 50%) then I think I just found a great new friend :)

Are YOU like me? Even a little bit? You probably don't even know me, so it would be totally awesome if you got a high score... what are you waiting for? take the quiz!

Created by: bfaithr

  1. what color hair do you have?
  2. what color eyes do you have? (pick the one that is the closest)
  3. are you a boy or a girl?
  4. do you tan or burn easier
  5. how tall are you?
  6. how skinny are you? (honestly)
  7. do you like to dance?
  8. do you like sports?
  9. what video games do you like best?
  10. do you have any pets?
  11. how smart are your pets? (if you have one)
  12. what job do you want the most?
  13. check out this website (meaning actually browse the website): did you like it?
  14. how often do you curse? (be honest)
  15. what grades do you get in school?
  16. how many siblings do you have?
  17. what continent do you live in? (I know you don't live in Antarctica)
  18. what kind of school do you go to?

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Quiz topic: How much like me am I?