what kind of color are you

there are a lots of peoples that are mean,thefts ,punks, snobs, and a hole lot more maybe you are one of theme but there is good in you too and if you really don't like the color that you are you can chance

there are lots of people that are nice, kind, helpful, giving great advices and more and you are one of theme people in the world need people like you so don't be afraid to stand out your are great an don't forget to help the people around you

Created by: roni 054
  1. what is your favorite color
  2. pick one (what are you)
  3. are you:
  4. i treat my friends-
  5. i want my room to be-
  6. my favorite season is-
  7. now i am wearing :
  8. i am doing this quiz cause i am-
  9. after this quiz i am going to-
  10. i want to be a :

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Quiz topic: What kind of color am I