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  • It's offensive to say "You're not a vampyre, maybe you can be emo." Vampyres- if they existed - would be like criminals. They'd try to be as normal as possible, therefore not wearing darker colours and having a darker style.

    HauntedWolf May 12 '15, 9:59PM
  • Shan you can join to vamps unite!!!!!!!!!!

    The Reaper Nov 13 '14, 3:17AM
  • Hey thana join me in this take over the world stuff come on

    The Reaper Nov 13 '14, 3:15AM
  • I got 100% who won'ts to take over the world with me?
    comment back if you won't to

    The Reaper Nov 13 '14, 3:12AM
  • you are100%vampire

    congats you passed your a true vampire you love flesh and blood you can jump high and you HATE the light like me

    _Thana_ Nov 28 '12, 2:48AM
  • I so so so want to be a vampire

    chubbs Dec 10 '11, 3:57AM
  • I'm 98% VAMP !!!!!!!!!!!! Krrrrr

    Booty198 Nov 19 '11, 5:49PM
  • I am very happy I am a vampire. I am very proud . my name is SHAN.

    ARNOB Oct 4 '11, 5:46PM
  • so imma vamp!

    jdblover Sep 22 '10, 10:06PM

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